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Winter's first day of pre-K

Monday, September 11, 2017
Last week Winter, started her first day of Pre-K.  It was probably more exciting for me than for her because it marked our first unofficial start to a real school year.  I feel like pre-K is more for us parents - it doesn't really count to a child's academic record but it gets us parents prepped for full-on parent mode having to deal with school holidays (and weather closings), afterschool activities, and parent teacher conferences.   Socially, there wasn't much change for her, as her preschool class all migrated to her pre-K class. There were a few new faces to welcome to the class but it added to the excitement of the day. Just to mark it as a special occassion, I made pancakes and had a proper breakfast (instead of our usual bowl of cereal). There were the obligatory pictures And because I want to note this down somewhere for me to look back on here, we go:

Date: Sept 7, 2017
Age: 3
Winter is in: Pre-K
Teacher's name: Ms Nina & Ms Lisette
Loves: dancing, drawing, and playing sports
Favorite food: M&Ms, pizza, and ice cream
Favorite book:  Madeline, Dragons Love Tacos
Favorite movie: Trolls, Moana
Favorite song: Billie Jean & Bad by Michael Jackson 

29 Rooms with Winter

Saturday, September 9, 2017
We missed out on the museum of ice cream but equally cool is Refinery29's 29 Rooms which came to Williamsburg over the weekend.   Winter and I headed over to experience this interactive funhouse of style, culture, & technology, brought to life by a group of global artists, celebs, influencers and commercial brands.  If you love instagram, this is the event for you.

 Winter's favorite part was probably the ferry ride and free ice cream afterwards, but she was game to hit a few of the rooms that had manageable (or no) lines.

 My tiny sidekick was also my photographer. Yay!

 Didn't want to leave the foam pit. obviously.
 Some tips if you're headed to 29 rooms with toddlers or anyone with little to no patience:

  • bring snacks. the lines were long for some rooms so also...
  • be prepared to commit or wait (the snowglobe room I REALLY wanted winter to do was a 60 min wait. no thanks.)
  • you have 3 hours to make it through so pick your 3 favs to hit them up or do what we did which was...
  • roam until you see a short enough line and go for it
  • bring multiple portable chargers for ipads/phones (ipad for toddler-waiting-distraction)
  • if you can swing an umbrella stroller that will probably make your life easier and not have to hold toddler. but be prepared for tight spaces or lines with people giving you side eyes
  • it's hot. dress appropriately or layer up/down.
  • go with an open mind and just have fun.


winter werks her streetstyle for NYFW

Monday, September 4, 2017
Fall may mean back to school but in NYC, it also means NYFW. And when you have mini fashionista friends that live and breathe fashion, we sometimes get the perks of getting a sneak peek into a world you only see on TV/movies/or magazines.
Winter and I were invited to see Song Jun Wan's runway show at Skylight Studios in Clarkson Sq (edge of soho) one of the main venues for NYFW outside of lincoln center.  We played it safe in black (dress from old navy) with sparkled puff sneakers from Target.  We threw on a leather jacket and kept the fro curls poppin for added edge and it was off to the catwalk.

It was fun to people watch. Everybody was oozing individual style.  The fashion on the runway was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted everything!

  Outside the street style photographers were all over our fashionistas and they ate it up.  Thanks for the invite. Check out Juliet over at FabGab blog.

Let's Dance with ED by Ellen Degeneres

Friday, August 11, 2017

Whenever an invitation to dance party lands in my inbox, there's always an immediate yes reply that goes back out. Which Is why you found my two tiny dancers breaking it down (surprisingly - but not really) behind the dj booth mastering the controls to keep the launch party for Ellen degeneres's new baby collection jumping.  
 Held at a midtown Chelsea loft, we not only got a sneak peek at the new line of baby clothing (awww the infant days) but we also got a taste of the furniture and nursery accessories also by ED.  The earthy color palette made it easy to gender jump (which I tend to do anyhow) and the quality of the materials felt luxe and snuggle worthy. Another added bonus was a special package that arrived for Nyla beforehand with a sweatshirt and pants from the collection that she eagerly rocked to the party.  She's so tiny that she can STILL grow into the 18-24m sweatshirt. 
 After some quick snaps at the photo booth and coloring at kids table, the girls grabbed a few bites while I grabbed a cocktail after which we headed to the dance fl/dj booth where DJ natalie of Baby DJ School gave the girls a crash course in dj'ing.  With dinnertime quickly approaching (and a break in the thunderstorms outside) we finally headed home with a cool swag bag of goodies.

ED collection by Ellen degeneres can be found at Buy Buy Baby.

Movie time: Tribeca Drive-in at the Oculus Plaza at Westfield World Trade Center

Monday, August 7, 2017

One of the joys of living downtown are all the different events and experiences that are popping up in our neighborhood. This year Westfield World Trade Center and Tribeca Movie Drive-In partnered up to do free movie nights at the Oculus plaza on select weekends throughout the summer. The movie themes vary but when I saw Night at the Museum as a feature, I knew this may capture Winter's attention.

 It was a windy but overcast, warm afternoon. They set out fake turf and a bunch of chairs, bean bags, and a kids section with crayons and coloring pages (nice touch!). Eataly had to-go picnic boxes as well as a pop-up bar for drinks, and a gelato cart (yum!). We ran into Winter's classmate which made it even more enjoyable and got us a few cute pictures in the process :).  Check out the Tribeca Drive-In site for movie times and schedule.

Storytime at the Strand

Monday, July 10, 2017
When i worked at Penguin books, I was always in bookstores. The strand is one of my favorites in the city but since having kids, I've always opted for taking them to Barnes & Nobles because of its walking distance from our home.  However, when looking for things to do one weekend, I came across a Doc Mcstuffin's character storytime at the strand was immediately in.

 Both girls love Doc so it was a win-win: I get to head to cool bookstore, girls get doc.  The strand's storytime and crafts event  occurs twice a day every Saturday and Sunday.  Check out the their site for the appearance lineup. A few tips:

  • On sundays, the first storytime at 11am coincides with the store's opening, so if you arrive a little earlier, expect to be standing outside with a few neighbors.
  • the storytime area could be tight if there's a big turnout so do get there a little early
  • Two books were read and the Doc McStuffins made two appearances during the hour, they're available for pictures on both occassions. Very informal, so just go up and get a photo  
  • If you have restless toddlers who cant sit still for more than 10 minutes there's plenty of books and merchandise in the kids section to keep them occupied!

A Seaport 4th of July

Friday, July 7, 2017
Celebrating USA's birthday usually finds us settled in the city or at a friend's apartment for a cookout. As tempting as it is to head out of town to the  usual new yorker's getaway (hamptons, shore, vineyard, etc) we opt for a chilled out (and slightly emptier) city vibe and this year was no exception.   

The Seaport District has been undergoing a massive transformation since Sandy happened and every year its getting to be a cooler and cooler  spot to hang out.  This year Chase Sapphire offered cardmembers an exclusive VIP area at the Garden Bar, where they had free treats and hot dogs, a turf-picnic area that was decked out lawn games and free america-themed swag such as bandanas and flags.  
We decided to check it out and ended up staying there for almost half the day. Though we had hostesses provide bar/cocktail service at the lounge, we ended up getting Caribbean food from the street fair on Fulton Street and monster milkshakes from the Black Tap food truck.
Since the fireworks ended up moving up the east river closer to Long Island City (and had a late start time of 8:30), we caught the broadcast at home from the comfort of our beds and got ready for the remainder of the work week ahead.  Happy 4th!

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