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Kicking off the Kidz Bop US tour with Chrysler x Old El Paso

Thursday, June 14, 2018
 One of the great perks of living in the city is the chance to attend some very fun events like this meet & greet dance party hosted by The Moms Network and Chrysler and Old El Paso to kick off the US Tour of Kidz Bop.  If you haven't heard of this group of super talented kids then there's a good chance you don't have kids (or hang around them) b/c Kidz bop supplies all the kid-friendly versions of the latest top 40 music perfect for playdates, parties, car rides or general entertainment.

 They kicked off their US tour with a meet and greet and it was a great time had by all. They stuck around for at least an hour and half warmly taking photos with EVERY kid and showing off their vocal and dance chops singing Havana and some other song i have no idea what the title is (sorry!).  Winter had a bit of a meltdown when it was her turn to take photos but she later redeemed herself (and the kids graciously remembered and were so happy to cheer her up) before the end of the event. Of course when they got home they had tacos (thanks for the mini kits Old El Paso!) and watched every kidz bop youtube video they could find so they could learn new dance moves. 

This party was held on the 2nd floor of  Pennsy hall -  which is a pretty cool venue for an event!

Retro Winter

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
I love a good throwback and this set from Cat & Jack at target was giving me all the good vibes of summer.  I kind of wish it came in my size!

Winter dashes against the Pros: the NFL Pro Bowl Fan experience recap

Monday, February 5, 2018
In anticipation of the superbowl and in an attempt to escape to a warmer climate, we headed down to Orlando for a little work(out)/play at the NFL Pro Bowl Fan experience.  It's a free event open to the public that coincides with the pro bowl game being played at Camping world stadium in downtown orlando.  The Pro Bowl fan experience, however, takes place at the Disney's Wide World of Sports complex.  I signed both girls up for the kids 100m dash (ages 2+) and spent the 2 weeks leading up to event getting them excited with sprinting "exercises" (an excuse for them to run around the house for once!) 
 We got there fairly early enough to snag a parking spot right outside the gates (seriously LUCKY b/c otherwise you are walking at least 1 mile to the front gates. It gets CROWDED)
 We had seats to watch the NFC players practice but really they were just going through the motions and dancing on the field (music was pumping the whole time). We saw Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and tons of other players I really don't remember lol.
 They had a whole fan experience where you got to test your skills in a series of challenges where you compared yourself to NFL athletes
Like how fast can you run a 40 yard dash? But the real event was the kids 100m dash. You go in waves, toddlers first.

After the race you get a medal and pose for pictures with a few mascots. I'm from Tampa so we had to get a photo with a buccaneer!

 But the best surprise was in a secret back area, you got to get a photo with Mickey.  He was totally game to do a sprinter's stance (thanks!!)

 and give a few high fives for a race well done!
 and the great part of it all was some quality time with my dad (aka "pop pop!")

Happy (Italian) New Year!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Growing up, I always spent new years with my mom and dad. Maybe it was because my parents weren't really big party people, or maybe its because we were in the military and you never know where you may end up at any day, or maybe because my mom was adamant that the three of us be together when the clock struck midnight. In any case it always stuck with me that you spend new years with the ones you love. With two toddlers who are also night owls, staying up til midnight is a fairly easy task but this year our local Eataly (downtown) was hosting a family NYE party with open bar, a plethora of italian foods, and a few kid friendly activities all pumping to a grown-up playlist mixed by a DJ.  We counted down to the Italian new year (6pm NYC time) and partied til it was 9pm. 
Pros: walking distance to home, delicious unlimited food and drinks, several fun stations for kids (cookie decorating, pizza decorating, craft making, gelato cart, and photo booth)

Cons: not enough seating for everyone (or awkward seating - chairs and no tables) some congested walkway areas, much more fun for the 5+ crowd.

All in all I recommend and it was a great alternative to the amateur night options in the city and more appropriate if you have kids in tow.  If theydo it next year, get your tickets early (it sold out fast) and get to the venue SUPER early to grab a great seat as its first come first serve.

Museum of Christmas

Sunday, December 3, 2017
Randomly came across  this pop-up hosted by the Hallmark channel but it was such a great way to kick off the holiday season.  I dressed the girls in some festive gear in case I got anything holiday-card worthy. Considering our experience with 29 rooms (which was also an instagram popup) I came with low expectations on how long I would last singlehandedly with two toddlers and NO stroller.  Since we got in line about 10 min before it opened, we actually made it through all the photo stations with minimal waits (except for 2 of them - infinity room and ball pit) but I came armed with snacks and a fully charged iphone (for youtube viewing). What i didn't come prepared with? SOCKS for the girls so that they could go in the ball pit. winter wore mine and staff let nyla slide (shh!) but that meant I couldn't go in (boooo!).  oh well. it was still fun!  

all fun and games until the automatic bear hug almost smacked winter in the face!

Happy Birthday, Winter!

Monday, November 27, 2017
"I want a michael jackson cake for my birthday!"

A head-scratcher for sure. what exactly does that mean??  I ended up going our old school route and ordered a photo cake from Shoprite.  vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling: it was a hit in her classroom. cool cake for a cool kid.

 Her Pre-K class even got into the theme by having a dance party after the cake.

 Some favorite photos from her year:

And her actual birthday was once again celebrated on a disney cruise (lucky kid!) with two of her best friends, little sister Nyla and upstairs neighbor, Amanda.  Cruise report to come but we did it at our favorite restaurant on the ship, animator's palatte.

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