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wakanda warrior and mermaid on seahorse shala - Halloween 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018
if it were up to kids Halloween is probably the second best holiday after Christmas. All that candy. Just amassing stockpiles of it. I admit I miss the running house to house aspect of trick or treating but in New York, with this weather, I can appreciate the efficiency and practicality of staying in your building.

This Halloween winter ended up being a wakanda warrior (pretty sure she just wanted the sword) and Nyla stumbled upon This mermaid on a seahorse costume at Marshall’s that was so cute we couldn’t pass it up.

Halloween weekend was insane - we had 2 birthday parties and 2 Halloween events all in one day that had us ubering through misty rain and all-around gloominess all day. The finale went down on Halloween night when we did double trick-or-treating in 2 apt buildings. The candy loot was insane but the day was so fun (and warm!)
we always stop at Brookfield Place for their annual halloween lineup

a spa birthday party? perfect!

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