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Three Simple, No fuss halloween baking projects

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
After a jam-packed saturday of 4 (yes FOUR) parties —a combo of birthday and halloween events— the girls were totally down for an at-home chill day. But never one to just sit at home I decided we should do some fun baking projects that were halloween themed.  However I needed to keep the steps simple so where to turn to but trusty ole' Pinterest.
These gooey monster eye cookies was a recipe I found on Lil Luna that were easy to make  and turned out almost exactly like the photos (which is rarely the case when it comes to pinterest projects).   
 I nice little shortcut I tried this time was actually doing all the premixing and letting the girls pick and mix in the food coloring themselves.  There's less "I want to do that" happening when you have to assign who counts ingredients and who pours what into bowls, etc.. most of the work is quicker when done by an adult but the mashing in of the food coloring is right up a kid's wheelhouse so it's a win-win for all.

 One we finished getting the dough colors mixed in, we went right into frankenstein rice krispy treats. mainly letting them measure out the ingredients then attempting to mix the cereal into the marshmallow mix.  again food coloring (green!) was the secret sauce here. we didn't get to finish this because the rice krispy treats needed time to cool.  When they do get chilled, you can dip the top of the squares in chocolate and use an icing pen to make the face and face stithes.

 The last snack is less halloween but more any day but since Winter brought up making s'mores we jazzed them up by dipping the marshmallow in halloween-themed sprinkles.  this literally took 1 min and we used the oven broiler to heat up the marshmallow. These were goood.

It took us about 90 min to do all 3 projects and that included the wait time which we filled with homework and craft projects. this gave me time to also clean up bowls, workspaces, mixers, etc.
Happy Halloween!

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