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Winter & Nyla roll along to the Teen Titans Go! to the movies

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
I don't think i've seen as many animated features with these two kids since I was in elementary school.  I do have to say Winter is the movie buff out of two: she prefers movies to tv series and can literally marathon a whole day if you let her (don't's happened once.. maybe twice shhh!)

So whenever we get a chance to see an advance screening of anything animated or kid-related I get to be the hero and they get to be little stars.

The Moms hosted this special screening of Teen Titans Go! to the movies with a Q&A featuring Will Arnett, the voice of "SLAAAAADE" (yes we kept saying this for the rest of the day).  The girls may be too young to remember actors but they do remember movies so I had to remind them of another special screening we saw earlier this summer which coincidentally happened to star Will Arnett, Show Dogs.  Once that clicked they seemed even more excited to listen to Will answer questions of how he got involved with the movie (his kids were fans of the series) does he use his character voices on his kids (sometimes for fun) his favorite animated role (he likes them all for different reasons).

Not only did the girls get an advance screening they were pumped up with EXTRA sugar courtesy of the candy bar of sour patch kids, gummies, skittles, and sour strips.   Thanks.  lol

 Nyla tried to ask a question during the Q&A but I think we were too far!
 Oh the movie!  I never watched the series so I didn't know what to expect but I found myself laughing through most of the movie.  Robin, the leader of the titans, is done playing sidekick and wants his OWN movie featuring his crew of heroes and makes moves to make it happen.  The soundtrack was surprisingly great too so all around I liked the movie. May have been a touch too old for the girls but like I said, Winter was totally bought in. Nyla..well, she had a bag of candy to keep her occupied lol.

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