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Sunday, December 3, 2017
Randomly came across  this pop-up hosted by the Hallmark channel but it was such a great way to kick off the holiday season.  I dressed the girls in some festive gear in case I got anything holiday-card worthy. Considering our experience with 29 rooms (which was also an instagram popup) I came with low expectations on how long I would last singlehandedly with two toddlers and NO stroller.  Since we got in line about 10 min before it opened, we actually made it through all the photo stations with minimal waits (except for 2 of them - infinity room and ball pit) but I came armed with snacks and a fully charged iphone (for youtube viewing). What i didn't come prepared with? SOCKS for the girls so that they could go in the ball pit. winter wore mine and staff let nyla slide (shh!) but that meant I couldn't go in (boooo!).  oh well. it was still fun!  

all fun and games until the automatic bear hug almost smacked winter in the face!

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