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Winter's first day of pre-K

Monday, September 11, 2017
Last week Winter, started her first day of Pre-K.  It was probably more exciting for me than for her because it marked our first unofficial start to a real school year.  I feel like pre-K is more for us parents - it doesn't really count to a child's academic record but it gets us parents prepped for full-on parent mode having to deal with school holidays (and weather closings), afterschool activities, and parent teacher conferences.   Socially, there wasn't much change for her, as her preschool class all migrated to her pre-K class. There were a few new faces to welcome to the class but it added to the excitement of the day. Just to mark it as a special occassion, I made pancakes and had a proper breakfast (instead of our usual bowl of cereal). There were the obligatory pictures And because I want to note this down somewhere for me to look back on here, we go:

Date: Sept 7, 2017
Age: 3
Winter is in: Pre-K
Teacher's name: Ms Nina & Ms Lisette
Loves: dancing, drawing, and playing sports
Favorite food: M&Ms, pizza, and ice cream
Favorite book:  Madeline, Dragons Love Tacos
Favorite movie: Trolls, Moana
Favorite song: Billie Jean & Bad by Michael Jackson 

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