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Checking out MOCA for the Mid-Autumn Moon Family Festival

Saturday, September 30, 2017
This was a random fun activity that happened to coincide with a free weekend we had with the girls while their "pop pop" was in town. Its always fun discovering things you probably wouldn't actively seek out but are willing to give it a shot b/c its "family friendly".  I also like it because it just exposes us to a different aspects of a culture we might not be familiar with.

The Museum of Chinese in America was celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with a fun filled afternoon of drop-in arts and crafts, storytelling, and a mooncake tasting.  Not only did we get a very cool brush painting class taught by a master artist but the girls got to make stamps, glow in the dark necklaces, and taste mooncakes.

We started out the day checking out a launch at Little Giants NYC - a cool kids store in city point, (downtown) bk

making necklaces
Winter painted this panda herself!

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