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Storytime at the Strand

Monday, July 10, 2017
When i worked at Penguin books, I was always in bookstores. The strand is one of my favorites in the city but since having kids, I've always opted for taking them to Barnes & Nobles because of its walking distance from our home.  However, when looking for things to do one weekend, I came across a Doc Mcstuffin's character storytime at the strand was immediately in.

 Both girls love Doc so it was a win-win: I get to head to cool bookstore, girls get doc.  The strand's storytime and crafts event  occurs twice a day every Saturday and Sunday.  Check out the their site for the appearance lineup. A few tips:

  • On sundays, the first storytime at 11am coincides with the store's opening, so if you arrive a little earlier, expect to be standing outside with a few neighbors.
  • the storytime area could be tight if there's a big turnout so do get there a little early
  • Two books were read and the Doc McStuffins made two appearances during the hour, they're available for pictures on both occassions. Very informal, so just go up and get a photo  
  • If you have restless toddlers who cant sit still for more than 10 minutes there's plenty of books and merchandise in the kids section to keep them occupied!

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