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A Seaport 4th of July

Friday, July 7, 2017
Celebrating USA's birthday usually finds us settled in the city or at a friend's apartment for a cookout. As tempting as it is to head out of town to the  usual new yorker's getaway (hamptons, shore, vineyard, etc) we opt for a chilled out (and slightly emptier) city vibe and this year was no exception.   

The Seaport District has been undergoing a massive transformation since Sandy happened and every year its getting to be a cooler and cooler  spot to hang out.  This year Chase Sapphire offered cardmembers an exclusive VIP area at the Garden Bar, where they had free treats and hot dogs, a turf-picnic area that was decked out lawn games and free america-themed swag such as bandanas and flags.  
We decided to check it out and ended up staying there for almost half the day. Though we had hostesses provide bar/cocktail service at the lounge, we ended up getting Caribbean food from the street fair on Fulton Street and monster milkshakes from the Black Tap food truck.
Since the fireworks ended up moving up the east river closer to Long Island City (and had a late start time of 8:30), we caught the broadcast at home from the comfort of our beds and got ready for the remainder of the work week ahead.  Happy 4th!

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