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Monday, April 17, 2017
Our easter itinerary felt jam-packed this year but I think it was because I was rolling solo with the girls this past weekend while Mr was out of town on a business trip.  Fortunately HE was being extra glorious on sunday and graced us with the most amazing weather ever.  We were off to our regular morning service (but I knew it would be extra-packed) in our Sunday best. The girls had new lime green dresses from Cat & Jack at Target and denim mary janes from Children's Place. They were complimented all day - talk about a color pop!

Morning service was followed with a family celebration and easter egg hunt on the church grounds - and by grounds, i mean a cemetary.  I try not to think about (because it kind of creeps me out) but then again, it IS easter.  The girls were SO INTO the hunt and I appreciated that the church staff acknowledges this and has the older kids take found eggs (you turn them in for prizes) and re-hide them back out for the little kids to find. 

She's used to it.

Egg hunt prizes

We had about an hour and a half to kill before our brunch reservation so we walked around Brookfield place and then headed to Rockefeller playground and ran into the girls' best friend, S!

Then it was off to Atrio at the Conrad Hotel for their Easter brunch complete with easter bunny pictures, ANOTHER egg hunt, and donut decorating courtesy of Underwest donuts.  It may have been a bit too fancy for me to handle 2 toddlers solo but I did sneak in a brunch cocktail, and the girls (well, Nyla)  kind of comandeered posession of the easter bunny lol.   The all-you-can-eat brunch spread was delicious, and the staff accommodated me graciously so I think this may turn into an annual thing. Cheers!

decorating Underwest donuts

we took bathroom selfie curtsies :)

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