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Why it takes me 5 hours to do Winter's hair + Win a family vacation!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hair Day.

Growing up, i remember my mom used to just put my hair in pigtails or  french braids and call it day. I think part of that was due to her inexperience of dealing with textured hair (filipino mom= long stick-straight asian hair) and she mostly just followed my dad's (african american/native american) lead. Wash, grease with ultra sheen, ponytail, done.

These days I have a boat load of products to choose from, coupled with varying degrees of hair textures and curliness. and somehow I feel like now I've become MY mom in dealing with my daughters' hair.  Good thing I have my go-to friends who all have hair knowledge and google and social media to help me out.

In a nutshell, I know in my 3+ years of dealing with toddler hair: moisture is #1 and protection is #2.
OH and you know what else is important? our morning get-ready time. It's stressful enough to get 2 toddlers fed, changed, and ready for the day in 30 min - why tack on an extra 30-45 min of getting a  fidgety (and possibly energized-ready-to-play) kid to sit still while I try to not make them look like a new addition to the cast of Trolls?

The solution: Sunday Hair Wash Day. Nyla and Winter get a good scrub down, and then I sit them each down to get their hair/scalp moisturized up and either let their head/hair breathe or do a protective style (this is the 3+ hours of braids, twists, etc) that will set them (well Winter) up for the rest of the week.

The video pretty much goes through the process. We were trying out SoCozy's hair line of products. I've been on the hunt for a leave-in conditioner and gel that will hold a style so was anxious to see how it would work out. SoCozy's products are safe and effective – and completely non-toxic – it’s great hair minus the harsh chemicals. Made without parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol. Free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. I was digging the leave-in and cream on Nyla who has a thinner hair texture than winter. 2 days later and her curly fro is still cute and poppin.

Winter's curls are THIRSTY.  for a wash and go fro, soCozy totally works. I mean look how cute these two are!

I'll definitely use leave-in conditioner and the gel for a protective style.  Speaking of which, any suggestions for a protective style? please comment with links below (i'd love to test them out!). I'm so bad at braiding that I look for cheat braids like twists or bubble braids:

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