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Weekend recap: Basketball Ballet

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
With Winter attending preschool twice a week, I've been trying to fill her off-days with activities. Much to our luck, it seems all the activities I would love to put her in all fall on her school days! ARGH! Since it's winter though, our weekends won't be spent picnicking or traveling so I'm taking our weekends to try out some classes.  So Winter's doing  basketball at 8:30 in the mornings (WHY... i don't even start work at this time...bye bye saturday sleep-ins) and ballet in the afternoons.  So far so good - I'm going to give both programs 2-3 weeks to settle in before I review them but here's some fun snaps and a video recap from the weekend!

Insomnia cookies, Artichoke Pizza, and a Piece of Velvet all within a 1-block radius of ballet class = WINNING for dinner!

Twinning at Sunday service

2017 goals: trying out new recipes - French style mussels with bacon and chorizo

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