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A very merry cruise on the Disney Fantasy (video!) part 1

Thursday, January 12, 2017
If you have kids, you'll soon find out about the magic of Disney cruises.  We first experienced this magic when Winter was 9 months when we went on a 3 night getaway on the Disney Dream.  It was wonderful but maybe a hint too soon as the true benefits of a disney cruise are best enjoyed by anyone over the  age of 3.  So when we were trying to find a last minute vacation destination around the time of Winter's third birthday, I thought this might be a great time to make a return trip.

We booked super last minute (like 2 weeks out) so all the usual trappings of vacation planning that I usually like to indulge in such as excursion planning and fish extender groups were quickly thrown aside and we just had to wing it. We got a deluxe family stateroom with a balcony which was between mid-ship to aft (back of ship) and was able to make a few connections on the facebook roll-call.  If you are ever cruising find a message board with your ship and sail date - you can have an infinite amount of questions answered by veteran cruisers who happily lend their advice and recommendations.  For disney cruises, this is also how you sign up for fish extender groups.  Weird name but google it, it's super cool.  We missed out on signing up but was "pixie-dusted" by a few families who were so generous in wishing Winter a happy birthday. We also were able to make a brand new friend that Winter could hang out with at the kids club (hi K!),

All in all, this was our first time on a 7-day disney cruise and though we had a blast, it still may have been a bit premature with Nyla still not 3 yrs old and not able to enjoy the benefits of the oceaneer's club.  Part 2 of this post will have my tips for cruising with 2 toddlers but for now enjoy the video! and don't forget to subscribe to Winter's youtube channel.
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