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Monday, September 19, 2016
To cap off the birthday week, P surprised me and the girls with a private jet to Boston. One of our favorite spots back in college is this pizza place called Pinocchio's. So when I randomly said I could go for a cheesesteak sub (their pizzas are awesome but I Heart their subs more) I didn't expect we'd just all hop on a flight and get one! 

I did have a jam packed day planned for winter but fortunately we still got to attend the farm fresh kids festival at the seaport. This was an awesome eventu full of activities and entertainment for kids with the angle of promoting fresh food, local farms, and healthy eating. We can't wait for next year! 

We wrapped up the festival at noon and sped for the airport. So cool to have a plane to yourself with no group boarding,  security,tray tables seat back rules and actually know  the pilots. The kids totally got a kick out the whole experience. The flight was a short 40 min. By the time we took 50 selfies we were already touching down in Boston. We got our noch's fix, toured campus and even took the T to Boston before heading back home to NYC. Coolest bday yet!

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