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Winter's summer ballet recital

Sunday, September 4, 2016
One of the best things about American Liberty Ballet is the down-to-earth vibe of the entire program. I stumbled upon the company during a groupon search for toddler activities.  Valerie, one of the founders and kid instructors, welcomed Winter into the preballet class at 18 months old (despite the min age being 2)  Winter even performed in the company's annual Nutcracker show despite a hilarious (and personally horrifying) cheerios debacle on stage. A few months older and wiser, Winter performed in the company's summer production of Sylvia. With a day that consisted of a 1 pm fitting/dress rehearsal, 3:30pm show and a 7:30pm show,  I had no idea what to expect out of Winter as we basically had to nix her nap. She must have sensed the gravity of the entire day because I didnt have any tantrums (what?!) and when it came to showtime, she a) ate it up b) got better with every go round c) really got along with NEW friends.  I on the other hand, got to experience true stagemomness shuffling winter in and out of costume, keeping her entertained/fed, running back between the holding room and sneaking into the last row of audience to video her parts, and generally keeping her in a fun mood. It was an experience but all worth it and made for a good amount of stories and memories. Go winter!

Little Mike came to cheer his godsister on

We snuck back across the BK bridge for some fresh pasta and fish at the new Eataly in fidi

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