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Race Report: More Shape 1/2 Marathon

Sunday, April 17, 2016
The good: I finished! my time  2:30:28 (PR 2:00)
The bad: There were a few walk breaks
The ugly: Finish out on training! leg pain!

I signed up for this race because I needed a reason to kickstart working towards a non-baby body. I want to say pre-baby but let's real, it's not the same. organs have moved. I've pushed out 2 human beings lol. What I tell people is that I miss my old clothes (i really do!) so I just wanted to get back to that size where pants can button and dresses can zip up easily. I can't live in leggings and tunic tops. 

So I signed up for this 1/2 which has some significance for me. The More/Shape 1/2 was the first half I ever ran and trained for.  Granted that race turned out to be untimed due to crazy heatwave (90+ degrees in april?!).  Post-babies, running is like starting from scratch. My first week of training felt like I've never ran a mile in my life. The good thing is that I remember what the first week of training IS like and all you have to do is stick with it.  

I stuck with it until 8 weeks in.  

My longest run was a 7.5 miler and then #slambrakes  long runs fell by the waste side. I'm not making excuses - I opted for sleep, I opted for family stuff, I opted for sleep (yes i repeated that on purpose). I knew it would come back to bite me but oh well.
These trusty kicks ... love them
Race corrals.  I ran into my mom-friend and neighbor jasmine! 
Race start was busy. I walked into to my corral just as the horn went off. I ran into Jasmine - mom friend and neighbor with 2 super cute kids- who coincidentally lent me her jogging stroller a few years ago so i could test out if i wanted one (I did). I wished her a good race and we were off.

 I was feeling good. I had resolved that since I dipped out of my last 3 weeks of training and didn't do any long runs, the goal was to finish. SO no paces to keep track of, no PR, just finish. If i could run the whole thing then great but no bad feelings if I needed to walk.  Just run, enjoy my playlist, and finish.
Close to halfway and I'm still feeling good and in good spirits
Surprisingly still good but my legs are starting to feel the effects of gravity lol.
Around mile 10, just when I finished tackling my 2nd round of harlem hill (the worst.) was when lack of training started to come full circle. My legs and knees started to ache at every step. I tried to fight through it but I thought maybe a walk break would help.  It really didn't but it was slightly better. I would then jog the downhills and walk up any inclines. By mile 12, I told myself to just squeeze out this last mile even if my jog was at walk-pace. And I did. and i finished.  Hand me the bling please!
I run for bagels and bling.  Now give me a mimosa, shower, and a nap please. 
Race day swag

Last thoughts:
  • I remember why i love and hate central park for running. Love: it's beautiful. Hate: the hills.
  • I'm going to take a break from 1/2s ... 10ks feel more realistic
  • I did like my morning training runs to break up my weight lifting kick
  • I highly doubt you'll EVER see me doing a full marathon.  Someone had a sign up today that said "1/2 marathons only mean you're 1/2 crazy." ha.
  • My playlist was banging.. i'll have to post it or if i'm more ambitious make a mixtape out of it
  • I wobbled post-race to a birthday party where I had to attempt to chase my 2 year old and my almost 1-year old on the verge of a pre-nap meltdown. I was lmao'ing and crying in my head.
  • I am able to fit some old clothes! (i'm down 20lbs and have about 15ish to go)  
  • the post-race festival was a bit sad.. thought there should have been more vendors? food samples?
  • I'm laying in bed ... thank goodness I live in nyc where if i wanted to, i can run my life via my phone  - babysitters, dinner, food shopping, party planning... lol.. 
  • Until my next race report...

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