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Bana Bean Launch Party

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One of the fun (and sometimes tedious) things about having a girl is doing hair. I'm pretty lax about doing my hair usually opting to go curly mane or bun depending on time and occasion. Thankfully, win somehow has the patience and hair tolerance for me to play stylist on her head whenever I have to -usually involves an iPa. It's part hair health (braids and ponytails lock in moisture) part practice (I dont know what I'm doing) and part time efficiency (i.e. laziness) since most braid styles last a good number of days. The cuteness key to the hair styles though are accessories and I have BINS of headbands bow ties rubber bands—you name it I got it. So when a fellow mom blogger sent me an invite to bana bean's launch party I'm like, immediately sign me up! Melinda, thank you!
I've never gotten a fishtail braid done before and  I LOVE IT.
The launch party was at Dominique ansel's bakery aof national cronut fame- there were hair stylists, a fashion illustrator and amazing sweet and savory treats and tables for the kids to eat and color at.

Win was coming sugar-high-fresh from a birthday party from her playgroup so her energy was off the charts. She was all over the place but mostly stalking the treat table talking about "cookie shots". Yes, those happened as well as gigantic marshmallow ice cream filled s'mores.

I tried to get her hair done but she surprised me with a new phrase "no way!" Smh..toddlers. She did however stand still enough for the fashion illustrator to take our photo for a drawing.

Meanwhile we checked out the cute bana bean box. BanaBean is a monthly subscription service that was started by moms and aunts, and partners with high-quality kids brands to source a beautiful assortment of headbands, clips, bows, hair ties, and other stylish accessories. I was especially feeling the vanilla bean knot headband.
For $25/month I'm on the fence to join as we live in the city and have access to bulk buys at almost wholesale rates. plus i'm just impulse forever21/hm accessory buyer so my wallet will cry if i add that to it. However, it would make a super cute gift for new (or existing) mothers - and you can totally gift a subscription. So check it out! Thanks Bana Bean!

Eunice Kindred
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