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Winter's 1st Gymnastics Class! (video)

Thursday, March 10, 2016
I often say  if there's one thing I wish I could do, it's being able to sing. But I also secretly wish I could tumble!  Winter is "tumbling" ALL THE TIME - and by tumbling, I mean fearlessly launching herself off of platforms, beds, or into her pillow-filled teepee. So I thought I'd channel that fearlessness into a gymnastics class. Being that I just recently signed up for Kidpass (it's like Classpass for KIDS! so perfect!) We decided to give Gymstars a try and it was a hit. I already signed her up for next week. Check it out!

Have you tried Kidpass? Get a $10 credit by signing up here - AND - if you you use the promo code GETACTIVE50 you'll also get 50% off your first month subscription (NYC parents - that's like $25 for  about 2-5 classes which is a steal - especially since some classes can run as much as $40 PER CLASS).  Browse the class offerings and sign up here.

This post/video was not sponsored by gymstars or kidpass.
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