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Winter at the Circus

Saturday, March 19, 2016
When my other half called me as I was walking out the office, asking, "what's there to do tonight with the kids?" I immediately laughed inside because "do" "kids" and "tonight" are 3 words that rarely go together unless "babysitter" is thrown into the sentence following it. Nevertheless, a quick Mom-brain scan later immediately had me blurting out "movies" but then light bulb: "circus!"  

It was 6pm.

Standing outside the subway station, I hit up my girl Google and found that the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus was indeed in town and the show was kicking off at 7pm at the Barclay center. However tickets were unavailable to be purchased online so close to showtime.  So we took our chances and said we'd give it a shot at the box office and if we were out of luck we could just cross the street to the Atlantic center and play at chuck e cheese as a plan B.

After I ran home, packed the usual mom-bag Arsenal for every toddler/infant scenario and changed them, we high tailed it to the subway. We were walking  through security by 7! 
(Seriously someone give me a medal for doing that in an hour) We did score tickets and the seats were surprisingly good - we had the whole row to ourselves! 

Though we missed almost the first 30 min of the show I thought it was fine bc of the short attention spans of our company. Win's buddy, Lil Mike, came along so they kept each other entertained for all the "boring" parts. They were mesmerized by the elephants and lions and horses but tuned out for anything related to the humans-with the exception of the trapeze. The trapeze artists actually missed some of their stunts but that made it one of the most entertaining acts. There's lots of singing and big orchestrated presentations of the entire circus family. It made for an impressive display but the toddlers were too busy playing with light up swords and spinning fan hearts. 
Speaking of which I know the concessions and souvenirs is where the $$ comes in and the circus capitalized big time on that. When you also have 2 dads who never went to the circus also taking their kids for the first time come prepared with an empty grocery tote Lol. I had lion mugs, strobe flashing glass tumblers, and a circus themed popcorn tote. 

I thought it fun though and considering we scored seats at the last possible minute we couldn't help but sit back and go with the flow and enjoy the "greatest show on earth."
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