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Champagne (and milk) Friday

Friday, March 7, 2014
When we first moved to the city years ago we used to throw frequent (like almost weekly) house parties called Champagne Fridays. It was a casual come-from-work-as-you-are kind of get together. Bottles upon bottles of champagne, prosecco, or mixed drinks were consumed while either engaging in some activity (cupcake making, summer olympics opening ceremony viewing, kinnect game night, etc) Now that everyone has "grown up" and has kids I thought why stop? just bring the kids! so we did, had pizza delivered, hired our sitter to give everyone an extra helping hand entertaining the kids, and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. It was great and we all vowed to not only do it again but to down more than two (2?! smh) bottles.

2 comments on "Champagne (and milk) Friday"
  1. So many parents I know revolve their lives around their children, to the point that they become little tyrants. I love seeing how you're incorporating all of your favorite pre-parenthood things into your new life and adapting them to suit your newcomer without giving up all of the things you used to love.

  2. aww thanks - yes - hopefully by us being flexible she grows up learning how to adapt and be flexible too. plus i feel happy parents = happy baby!


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