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NIKE Human Race: Prospect Park - Brooklyn NY

Saturday, October 24, 2009
This morning, I somehow managed to get up and run the Nike Human Race. It seemed like a good idea when I registered early in the week (maybe it was from the deliriousness of those night shifts lol) but after getting home from work at midnight and knowing I'd have to be on a 630am 4 train to get there in time, i was beginning to doubt my rationale. aaah.. somehow I managed to get up. P heard the rain forecast and stayed in bed (bum!)

Prospect Park - there was a sea of red shirts there. The check in was disorganized and somewhat slow but the tshirt pickup was fast. I didn't bring a bag so I didn't have to bother with bag check. Because of the iffy weather I did bring a lightweight jacket which i ended up wearing during the race. It was fine before and after but during - I was soooo hot! I was wearing 2 dri-fit shirts b/c i didn't want to carry anything! HOT. It still didn't stop me though - I PR'ed for a 10k. yay! I think the race was timed from the gun start so according to nike site I came in at 57:30. But I also used my new balance fit app which clocked me in at 55:29! Nice!
After the race, I stuck around to watch Matt&Kim perform. I had never heard of them but they put on a really good show...definitely gonna have to download a few tracks. They were really fun and good performers. I recommend if you're looking for something upbeat and fun. OH! and when i went to go check the results on - look who made it onto the site!
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  1. Congrats on the PR! Others on DM were talking about how disorganized the race was. Some had to estimate their finishing time since Nike had it all jacked up. Good thing you came prepared.


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